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About your coach

Alden Carroll, MSW | LCSW, LLC

Alden has been in the mental health field for over 23 years and has worked with clients of all ages and from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Since 2006, she has offered training and consultation to therapists and community members on a variety of mental health topics, including stress management, nervous system and emotional regulation, somatic therapy, trauma treatment, and EMDR for adults, young adults, and children. Alden also offers consultation and coaching to clients and therapists internationally.

Throughout her career, when providing therapy and training, Alden has been passionate about helping her clients, community members, and other professionals learn how to reduce stress, find more enjoyment in their lives, and feel more connected to themselves and their loved ones. Alden practices meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and self-care, and benefits from practicing what she teaches, and knows how beneficial it can be.

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